Unity of Command

Nifty Wargame Comes to the Mac

The good folks over at 2×2 recently had an Easter weekend sale on their first release, Unity of Command. At $20, and as one of the few robust wargames available for Mac, I couldn’t pass it up.

Don’t let the images fool you. Despite the icony graphic this is a pretty sophisticated game. The AI is tough, and the supply chain modeling is very important. Almost too important as fighting for supply results in some pretty gamey moments.

Unity of Command brings the Easter Front of WWII to your computer



The game is modeled at the corps and regiment level with 20km hexes. It is set in the 1942/43 German campaign including Stalingrad. It features multiple unit types and campaign level assets like air power and bridgebuilding.

Reinforcements and replacements are part of the game as is the previously mentioned supply system. Games are judged on a scoring system targeted on map objectives. Capture the objective and score points. Throughout the campaign mode, players gain prestige points which can then be used to purchase reinforcements. However, this lowers your score.

Units can be suppressed or disbanded to provide reinforcements for other units.

The interface is very clean and easy to navigate. Intuitively, nearly all actions can be completed with the point and click of a mouse. While it has the hallmarks of traditional wargames, hexes for example, movement comes across as a bit comical with units zipping around the map. I think this is more due to the animation choices though.

Don't let graphics fool you, this is a pretty deep game

Campaigns & Multiplayer

I’ve started one campaign and have had a rough go of it. But that hasn’t kept me from wanting to play more. There is a server based multiplayer option too. This let’s players play head-t0-head live or logging into the server to get the latest turn from your opponent. Multiplayer works well, but the game comes with only one truly balanced scenario. All the single player scenarios are playable HTH style, but usually one player is pretty much on the defensive the entire time.

Unit models even change with the weather like in the snow


In the end, this is a pretty solid purchase at $20. It has a lot going for it for sure. There a few criticisms though; Hats off for the supply system, but it does lead to some gamey moments with Calvary units breaking through to the back line to cut off supply. The game is also build as modable, but the devs even admit that it is very difficult to do. There isn’t much of a community for this game so finding players is a bit of a challenge and even then, multiplayer is only ok.

I recommend this game for sure at $20 and probably even at its regular price of $30 especially for Mac users who don;t have many other options. However, I know I’d pay twice as much for something similar that was more robust and fuller-featured.



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