My GMT Games Collection Grows

All of a sudden I have a nice GMT Games Collection


My GMT Collection Grows

My GMT Collection Grows

As I’ve said before, 2012 was an interesting year of game purchasing for me.

Through normal collecting, auctions, gifts, and other methods I ended up with a lot. In particular, I now have what I consider to be a nice collection of GMT games. Slowly, GMT has grown into my favorite publisher. They put out quality product as most anyone knows. I shudder to think what my other  favorite publishers like Academy Games could do if they had GMT’s weight in the marketplace.

My 2012 GMT purchases are highlighted by Bloody April, perhaps my favoirte wargame of all time(!). It has received a tone of play this year and I hope that only continues.

That contrats with my expericne with Andean Abyss. I had very high hopes for this one and even received it the same day as Bloody April via a P500 delivery. However, my experience with it has left a lot to be desired. I don’t blame the game so much (yet). It is just that every multi-player VASSAL game of it that I get into seems to break down from unresponsive players. I guess I need to try the solo variant or find some FtF players.

Most of my other GMT games are yet to be played (Red Winter, Downtown, Elusive Victory) or have taken a backseat to other games but are still great in their own right (Twilight Struggle, Labyrinth).

Either way, GMT games will alwyas have a place at my table and on my shelf.

Twilight Struggle at Last!

I finally got around to playing some live Twilight Struggle. The won’t quite yet say it lives up to the hype, but it does seem to be very good. My first game against Kris ened in the Early War stage after some massive scoring in Asia.

Game two ended in early Mid War with a Asia and Middle East scoring one two punch.

I am particularly excited about the online play potential of this game via Vassal and The second thing I am excited about is how I expect this will help me learn to play Labyrinth.